I like it cosy. Kermi.


At home within your own four walls. This is precisely where we yearn to be comfortable, in familiar surroundings, feeling safe and secure. The thermal comfort being right makes a significant contribution towards us experiencing our home in this way, allowing us to relax and have a rest.

What makes the right thermal comfort? How do you measure being comfortable? At Kermi, we have been working on this for decades now. It all started with radiators and surface heating. Today, an optimal temperature in the rooms we work and live in is key to our well-being. We provide a feeling of security and being able to relax throughout the year with integral solutions for optimal warmth and thermal comfort in both new-builds and also in renovated existing housing.


Should you have any queries regarding our heating range, please contact our General Agent:

John O’Brien

Business Development UK & Ireland

Business Unit Thermal comfort

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Mobile IRL: +353 (0) 83 190 8265


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