• For discerning bathroom and living area architecture Design and bathroom radiators

    The range of Kermi design radiators covers a large number of radiators with various lengths, heights, and heat outputs.

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    Kermi Designheizkörper Ideos
  • Invisible heating and cooling Panel heating and cooling

    The system suited to every requirement – underfloor heating, wall heating, or industrial panel heating.

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    x-net panel heating and cooling
  • Best energy efficiency - maximum comfort Steel panel radiators

    This selection is exclusive to Kermi : a variety of designs of the radiator front, replacement radiators, hygiene radiators, designs that are short, long, low, high ...

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    Kermi therm-x2 Flachheizkörper - Das Original.
  • Freshly filtered air x-well Residental ventilation

    Whether in a new building or in an existing building - controlled residental ventilation guarantees regular air changes.

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    Kermi x-well Residental ventilation
  • Heating, cooling and hot water supply Heat pumps and heat storage

    Optimal use of energy through the perfect interaction of x-buffer heat storage and x-change heat pump.

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