A modern single-family house with Kermi products

Single-family house

At home within your own four walls. Around 52 percent of all German citizens own their own homes and around 45 percent also live in them. At the top of the wish list are detached homes or a private apartment in a smaller multi-family house. Here you can realise the dream of living in your own four walls – with more space and independence and also with completely individual equipment for building technology and heating comfort.

As a homeowner, you can make an active contribution to environmental protection by using innovative systems, as such an investment not only reduces energy consumption, but also minimises CO² emissions. In addition, you can exploit a long-term savings potential in terms of energy costs. In construction and renovation, this works best with a perfectly coordinated system through which the best possible efficiency can be achieved.

Customised feel-good warmth

Modern single-family house
Comfortable single-family house
Single-family house

The Kermi solutions meet all the requirements of building owners. They are suitable for solid houses and prefabricated houses and in addition to comfort, appearance, and functionality, they offer a lot of other benefits.

  • Ambiance: modern design, suitable for any interior design
  • Comfort: more comfort through the dual function of heating and cooling
  • Extended control: prepared for the use of smart home functions and digital integration/networkability for operation via smartphone, for example.
  • Low operating costs: low energy consumption due to efficient operation, with low maintenance requirements
  • Pollutant-free: both the materials used and also in operation
  • Climate protection / recycling: in production as well as in operation, all components are characterised by the lowest possible CO2footprint
  • Rugged: long service life and reliable functionality

Innovative technology for heating, ventilating, cooling

If you are thinking about a house or private apartment, then we can offer you different options for heating, hot water, and thermal comfort. Our products are suitable for a small private apartment with low heat demand as well as for the large single-family house that can accommodate the whole family.

therm-x2 LineV-Plus steel panel radiators

therm-x2 steel panel radiators. Patented x2-technology ensures top energy efficiency and pleasant thermal comfort.

Kermi Ideos design radiators

Bathroom and living room radiators. For individual design of bathrooms and living spaces.

Underfloor & wall heating

Surface heating. Invisible heating and cooling for all requirements with x-net underfloor or wall heating.

Kermi heating panel horizontal

Heating panels. Amazing heat output despite short heating periods and precise control. Also available as a special solution for any installation situation.

Kermi x-change heat pump & x-buffer storage

Heat pumps and heat storage systems. Generate heat in an environmentally friendly manner and store it sensibly.

Kermi x-well S370 residential ventilation

Controlled residential ventilation. Clean air and pleasant thermal comfort in modern houses.