Decor-Arte® Line

Finely profiled surface. Variations in contrast.

Decor-Arte Line repeatedly gives rise to new nuances and contrasts thanks to the fine, irregular texture of its front panel. Thanks to the unique surface with its fine texture, Decor-Arte Line is at the same time a design radiator and light object. Depending on the light incidence and intensity, the radiator shows a different face and in doing so brings very different moods into the room. Even in the bathroom because with its functional accessories it makes a good impression here as a towel warmer. And thanks to the high efficiency at low temperatures Decor-Arte Line is outstandingly suited for state-of-the-art low temperature systems.

Kermi Designheizkörper Decor-Arte Line durch funktionelle Handtuchbügel der perfekte Badheizkörper

Benefits Decor-Arte Line

  • With fine, irregular surface texture
  • The ideal bathroom radiator with functional towel rails
  • Made of robust aluminium extrusion profiles
  • Energy savving and optimum heat dissipation
  • Easy to install and flexible thanks to the centre connection
  • Low water content, short heating period
  • Perfect for low temperature systems
Kermi design radiator Decor-Arte Line as an individual component in the 150 mm width

Opt for Decor-Arte Line in the 150 mm length. Individually or up to three components can be installed next to one another. A heat source develops as a result, which can be individually combined and adjusted and brings out the exciting accents in the room – whether installed at different heights or in different colours.


Kermi design radiator Decor-Arte Line centre connection detail

Decor-Arte Line

  • Compact radiator for hot water operation
  • 50 mm centre connection
  • Radiators made of aluminium
  • Rust-resistant, ideal for damp enviornments like bathrooms
Decor-Arte Line detail


Kermi design radiator Decor-Arte Line with aluminium towel rail accessory

Aluminium towel rail

Kermi Designheizkörper Decor-Arte Line mit Zubehör Langer Bügel

Long rail

Kermi design radiator Decor-Arte Line with square rail accessory

Square rail

Kermi design radiator Decor-Arte Line with rectangle rail accessory

Rectangular rail

Kermi design radiator Decor-Arte Line with short rail accessory

Short rail

Technical information

Heights 1600, 1800, 2000 mm
Length 450, 600 mm
Depth 78 mm
Heat output 75/65-20 °C 1408 - 2204 watts

Technical information

Length 150 mm

Heights 1800, 2000 mm
Length 150 mm
Depth 78 mm
Heat output 75/65-20 °C 586 - 642 watts

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