x-net® C13 dry system Multifunctional lightweight – floor heating especially for renovation.

Underfloor heating for dry screed elements and wet screed. in combination with dry screed elements, the x-net C13 dry system (pipes in the insulating layer) permits especially lightweight floor construction that, in addition, requires minimal time to complete. Even with wet screed, a low construction height and lower weight over area than the classical wet system (pipes in the screed) can be realised. The new, professional detailed solutions for the pipe layout in the manifold connection area make x-net C13 even more application-oriented.

Kermi x-net C13 dry system

System benefits

For use with dry screed elements:

  • Short reaction time
  • Ideal for renovations
  • Low weight
  • No introduction of moisture
  • Low construction height

When used with wet screed:

  • Heating and cooling
  • Lighter weight than classic floor heating-systems (knob and tacker system acc. to design A)
  • Low construction height

Kermi-Plus benefits

  • Low height of the x-net drywall board (25 mm)
  • High load-bearing capacity of the surface thanks to closed structure
  • Three transverse pipe ducts for connection pipes in the head area
  • Easy installation:
    1. Rigid foam insulation made of polystyrene which can be cut with the x-net separating knife
    2. Easy to make additional pipe ducts with the x-net heat-cutter
    3. Quick, tool-free length adjustment of the x-net heat-conducting plates
    4. Optimal for pipe laying by one person
  • Perfect protection of the pipes during the shell construction phase. High pipe holding force due to Ω contour of the x-net heat-conducting plate
  • Heating technology tested to DIN EN1264 and DIN Certco-certified
  • x-net heat-conducting plate made of steel or aluminium to suit any given situation

When using x-net aluminium heat-conducting plate:

  • Increased output of 30 % for the same flow temperature
  • Reduction in flow temperature from approx. 3 K with the same heat output, meaning around 7 % energy savings for the heat pump


x-net drywall board 25 mm

Kermi x-net C13: drywall board 25mm with 3 pipe ducts running crosswise in head area
The three transverse pipe channels in the head area allow two heating circuits to be installed in a room without having to create additional pipe ducts.
Kermi x-net C13: manufacturing of additional pipe ducts using x-net heat-cutter
Additional pipe ducts that may be required, e.g. in front of the manifold, can be created accurately and quickly using the x-net heat-cutter.
Kermi x-net C13: markings on the x-net 25mm drywall board make correct positioning easier
To assist correct positioning of the x-net heat-conducting plates, there are markings on the x-net drywall board (25 mm).

x-net heat-conducting plate

Kermi x-net C13 heat-conducting plate: comparison between aluminium and steel
30 % more output compared with the x-net steel heat-conducting plate at the same flow temperature.
Kermi x-net C13: tool-free length adjustment of x-net heat-conducting plates
Tool-free length adjustment of the x-net heat conducting plates by making a simple burr-free break at the pre-punched breaking points.
Kermi x-net C13: heat-conducting plate that can be divided into three different-sized individual plates
The heat conducting plate can be divided into three separate plates of different sizes (17.5 / 34.5 / 47 cm), thus allowing fast and flexible installation.

x-net detailed solution for layout of pipes in the distribution connection area

Kermi x-net C13: manifold panel with pipes
Pre-set gap between pipes and load distribution layer: this reduces the floor surface temperature in the manifold area despite close layout of pipes.
Kermi x-net C13: manufacture pipe ducts precisely and quickly with the x-net heat-cutter
Pipe ducts are cut exactly and quickly using the x-net heat-cutter, which has an x-net Omega cutting tip specially developed for the x-net 25 mm distribution plate. This provides reliable pipe fixing, with particularly high pipe retention strength.
Kermi x-net C13: cross-section of Omega pipe duct
Omega-shaped pipe duct cut on-site for reliable pipe fixing with a pre-set gap between pipe and load distribution layer.

x-net 5-layer-PE-Xc pipe

Kermi x-net C13: x-net 5-layer-PE-Xc pipe inscription indicates remaining length and pipe length already used
Printed marks on the pipe indicate the remaining length and pipe length already used, allowing optimal utilisation of pipe coils.
Kermi x-net C13: high degree of flexibility when bending pipes
High flexibility allows tight bending radii and reduces the restoring forces in pipe elbows.
Kermi x-net pipe and pipe connection
Pipes and pipe connectors as defined in DIN 4726 and DIN EN ISO 15875 are tested and monitored regularly by an accredited independent testing institute.

x-net edge insulating strips H 120 mm

Kermi x-net C11: adhesive strips for fixing the x-net edge insulation strip (H 160 mm) to the wall
Adhesive strips for wall-fixing of x-net edge insulation strip H 120 mm. Height is matched to the lower floor structure levels of the x-net C13 dry system, ensuring that no adhesive residue is visible later on the wall.
Kermi x-net C13: extra long protective film with x-net polyethylene film T 200
The extra-long protective film with x-net polyethylene foil T 200 allows reliable creation of a screed-separating foil trough.
Kermi x-net C11: multiple tear-off perforations
Multiple tear-off slits for fast tool-free cutting of edge insulation strips without leaving tool marks on the wall plaster.

x-net® controls

Heating comfort at the press of a button.

Clever control for panel heating and cooling. This means the desired heating comfort can be set individually for every room. Clever control also means: Save cleverly. x-net control is available in two product lines, to precisely suit the particular requirements.

x-link® plus

The perfect connection between design radiator and underfloor heating.

The connection fitting with a white or chrome cover perfectly fits the 50 mm connection to the compact bathroom radiator.

Further information about x-link plus

x-net C13 product film

 Versatile lightweight - underfloor heating especially for renovation

  • Low height of drywall board 25 mm
  • High load-bearing capacity of the surface thanks to closed structure
  • Three transverse pipe ducts for connection pipes in the head area
  • Simple processing
  • Perfect protection of the pipes during the shell construction phase. High pipe retention force thanks to Omega contour of x-net heat-conducting plate

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