Kermi x-net C16 clip system underfloor heating

x-net® C16 clip system Unique underfloor heating. Fast, robust and universal application on all surfaces.

Underfloor heating for wet screed, particularly floating screed. With the x-net C16 clip system, Kermi now offers a unique underfloor heating system that meets all requirements. Regardless of the floor insulation, the x-net C16 clip system can be processed unbeatably fast and is exceptionally sturdy.

The system provides key benefits when installing underfloor heating in conjunction with floating screed and for problematic substrates e.g. for soft mineral wool insulation or for pipe installations on unfinished flooring.

Kermi x-net C16 clip system: unique underfloor heating.

x-net C16 system benefits

Heating and cooling

Unbeatably fast installation

  • Panel installation without having to match the room geometry precisely
  • Easy panel cutting
  • Lightning-fast pipe fastening

Exceptionally robust pipe fixing

  • Insensitive to impacts
  • High level of clip anchoring force on the panel
  • Minimal contact surface on the x-net C16 clip

Maximum security during the entire shell construction phase

  • Protect the film cover with the x-net C16 clip Panel      
  • No penetration of the underside of the panel by x-net C16 Clips      
  • Screed weight reliably presses the pipes down through the cohesive panel surface

Universal application on all grounds

  • On mineral wool insulation where there are high requirements made of sound insulation      
  • On EPS insulation high foam density for floors where there is heavy traffic      
  • On PUR insulation, vacuum insulation or without insulation

Problem solver during refurbishment

  • Flat, strong covering of less than ideal surfaces      
  • Low floor construction heights can be realised

Excellent suitability for floating screed

Heating technology tested according to DIN EN 1264 and DIN Certco-certified


x-net C16 clip panel

Kermi x-net C16: cross-section showing hollow chamber principle of x-net C16 clip panel for secure and firm hold
The x-net C16 clip panel is designed with a hollow-chamber structure, and ensures that the x-net C16 clip has a completely secure and firm hold within the internal structure.
Kermi x-net C16: straightforward cut using the x-net cutting knife
Cutting with the x-net cutter knife is remarkably easy. Clean blunt edges are produced without effort and without residue.
Kermi x-net C16: panel inscription with cutting and pipe laying grid
Printed marks on the panels show the cutting grid (+) and pipe installation grid (---). Cutting along the cutting grid always produces a continuous installation grid whatever the combination of panel edges.
Kermi x-net C16: connection of x-net C16 clip panels with x-net C16 clip tape
The taped connection of the x-net C16 clip panel is extremely durable, leak-tight (particularly if using floating screed), and does not depend on the panel shape or arrangement.
Kermi x-net C16: offcuts can be easily used and reused
Leftover pieces are recyclable and easy to use. As a result, there is almost no waste when installing x-net C16 clip panels.
Kermi x-net C16: x-net C16 clip panels are resistant to bending and non-breakable
The x-net C16 clip panels are resistant to bending and unbreakable. Maximum safety & security is therefore obtained even on problematic surfaces.

x-net 5-layer-PE-Xc pipe

Kermi x-net C16: pipe inscription indicates remaining length and pipe length already used
Printed marks on the pipe indicate the remaining length and pipe length already used, allowing optimal utilisation of pipe coils.
Kermi x-net C16: high flexibility for tight bending radii and low restoring forces
High flexibility allows tight bending radii and reduces the restoring forces in pipe elbows.
Kermi x-net pipe and pipe connection
Pipes and pipe connectors as defined in DIN 4726 and DIN EN ISO 15875 are tested and monitored regularly by an accredited independent testing institute.

x-net C16 clip

Kermi x-net C16: specially developed x-net C16 clip lies tightly against the pipe
The specially-developed x-net C16 clip is located very close to the pipe, and therefore does not present a potential target, e.g. for the screed hose or when the installation surface is walked on.
Kermi x-net C16: x-net C16 clip magazine with high bending and tear resistance
Every 50 x-net C16 clips are connected to a magazine. The high bending and tear resistance of the material make the clip exceptionally durable.
Kermi x-net C16: rounded x-net C16 clips with specially shaped ends for outstanding safety & security
The longitudinal edges of the x-net C16 clips are rounded, with specially formed ends. This ensures maximum safety & security even in rough building site conditions.

x-net C16 clip former

Kermi x-net C16: x-net C16 clip former ensures secure anchoring in the internal structure of the panel
The clip is shaped with the x-net C16 clip former, ensuring that the clip is anchored securely in the panel's internal structure without piercing through the underside. The cover film underneath remains protected.
Kermi x-net C16: integrated mechanism ensures consistent clip reforming
The integrated mechanics ensure continuous clip forming, irrespective of floor pliability.
Kermi x-net C16: Mitgelieferter Koffer für höchste Transportsicherheit
The sturdy case supplied is used as transport packaging and also contains the documents required for return consignment. This Kermi service is free of charge to the installer.

x-net C16 clip tape

Kermi x-net C16: reliable panel connection using x-net C16 clip tape
The x-net C16 clip tape creates a strong and reliably tight connection between the panels.
Kermi x-net C16: x-net C16 clip tape can be torn off by hand without a tool
No tools (tape dispensers) are needed for application. The x-net C16 clip tape can be easily torn off by hand.
Kermi x-net C16: x-net C16 clip tape (50m roll)
The x-net C16 clip tape provides large coverage (50 m per roll). The fabric insert ensures easy handling and high durability.

x-net unwinding unit

For tension and twist-free unrolling of the x-net pipe system from the packaging.

Kermi x-net C16: in-house developed durable x-net unrolling unit for tension and twist-free unrolling
Solid components, manufactured with high precision and designed for longevity – inherent in every Kermi-designed product.
Kermi x-net C16: transport of x-net unrolling unit in the rucksack
Can be assembled and disassembled in a very short time, in a few simple steps without tools. The x-net pipe unwinder can even be carried in a backpack.
Kermi x-net C16: straightforward and reliable transportation of remaining pipe
Any remaining pipe stays in the packaging, protected against dirt and damage and ready to be transported at any time.

x-net® controls

Heating comfort at the press of a button.

Clever control for panel heating and cooling. This means the desired heating comfort can be set individually for every room. Clever control also means: Save cleverly. x-net control is available in two product lines, to precisely suit the particular requirements.

x-net® connect

Two problems – one solution.

Kermi does away with uncontrolled heat dissipation – with the x-net connect systems, heat is specifically guided past the screed in the area of the underfloor heating manifold to render an efficient and controlled heating operation possible. That way, major heat losses in this area can be prevented.

x-link® plus

The perfect connection between design radiator and underfloor heating.

The connection fitting with a white or chrome cover perfectly fits the 50 mm connection to the compact bathroom radiator.

Further information about x-link plus

x-net C16 Product & Installation film


Exceptional floor heating – fast, robust and universal for every surface

  • Unbeatably fast installation
  • Exceptionally robust pipe fastener
  • Maximum security during the entire shell construction phase
  • Universal application on all grounds
  • Problem solver during refurbishment

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